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14 pc Laser Flower Variety Set

$ 13.99

Embellish a canvas or plaque with laser cut flowers. Sold in four different styles that look gorgeous alone or grouped together. They can easily be painted or stained to suit the occasion, or left unfinished. Easy to attach with craft or wood glue. 


  • 2 Large Flower (Leaves): 2.4"W x 3.0"H
  • 1 Large Flower (No Leaves):  2.4"W x 2.4"H
  • 3 Medium Flowers (No Leaves): 1.9"W x 1.8"H
  • 4 Small Flower (Leaves):  1.3"W x 1.9"H
  • 4 Small Flower (No Leaves): 1.3"W x 1.3"H

Material: Made of 1/8" thick birch plywood

Hardware: Easy to display

Made in USA

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