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Huge Custom Words and Names

$ 55.99

For a perfect way to personalize rooms, gifts and accessories, our huge, unfinished wood Custom Names and Words offer endless possibilities. Any word up to nine letters--names, inspiration, sports team, states, emotions—can be cut in beautiful script letters. Words are a thoughtful choice, whether used for room décor, or baby, wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts. Sanded smooth and ready to finish, names and words can be painted, stained, decoupaged, jeweled, decorated in any way suit an occasion or setting. Unless otherwise specified, the first letter will be capitalized and the rest will be lower case. Easy to display.

Dimensions:  Varies. Each word is created inside a 35" x 18" platform. Longer words may not reach 18" in height while shorter words may not reach 35" in length. (Average 9 letter word measures 35" x 14")

Material: Made of .5” thick Baltic birch plywood

Hardware: Easy to display

Made in USA

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